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How to Insert a Text Box in Google Sheets

Sometimes when working in Google Sheets you may want to add a text box to your spreadsheet. However, there is not currently a good way to do this.

It is certainly doable, but the process is more complex than it really needs to be. In reality, it’s still a pretty simple process, but it should be much easier than it is.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to insert a text box in Google Sheets.

How to Insert a Text Box

To add a text box to your spreadsheet in Google Sheets we will need to create a drawing.

Here is how this is done:

1. In the top menu select Insert>Drawing

insert text box-1

2. A pop-up box should appear with a drawing area. In the toolbar of the drawing area, select Text box

insert text box-2

3. From here you will have to click and hold and drag to create a box in the drawing area for your text

insert text box-3

4. After you have created the text box you can type your text

insert text box-4

5. Select Save and Close when you are done typing your text

insert text box-5

6. You should now see your text box over your cells. The text area will not be affected by what is in the cells and you can move it around or edit it by selecting the three-dot menu in the right corner of the box and selecting Edit

insert text box-6

Closing Thoughts

Creating a text box in your sheet is a relatively simple process, but it’s a little confusing because you have to make a drawing and add a text box to the drawing.

It’s a little counterintuitive but it’s still pretty easy to do once you know how it is done. Once you have your text box added you can move it around or change its side. It will not be affected by any cells and should exist overlayed on top of the cells.

Hopefully, this is what you were looking to do!

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