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How to Make a Gradebook Template in Google Sheets

If you want to create your own gradebook template that you can edit to track grades in your spreadsheet, that can be very easily done with a little know-how in Google Sheets.

Using Google Sheets for your gradebook is free and it can help you stay organized and quickly calculate grades. 

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a gradebook template in Google Sheets. 

Creating a Gradebook Template

The first thing we need to do to create a gradebook template in our spreadsheet is begin labeling our columns to lay out our gradebook.

In the first three columns, I will label three columns

  • Student Name
  • Total Percentage
  • Points

I will also add a slot for “points possible”, which will come in use later when we are calculating the grades of each student.

Here is what my sheet looks like so far:


In the next columns, I will label a column for each criterion used in grading a student.

In my example, this includes assignments, quizzes, and tests.

You may include whatever you want in yours. Things like tests, quizzes, essays, presentations, and attendance might be relevant for you.

Here is what my sheet looks like now:


Next, in the very top column above eave grading criterion, I will place the total points possible for each assignment, quiz and test.

I will also add student names to my spreadsheet.


Now, I will add the points that each student scored on each assignment. Here is what my sheet looks like now:


Now that we have our basic template filled out, we can begin adding formulas to calculate grades.

The first formula I will enter will sum up the total points possible from every assignment.

The exact formula that I have used is:



Next, we copy and paste this formula down each row, to sum up the total points scored by each student


Now, we need to calculate the total percentage that each student has scored. The formula for this is taking the points each student scored and dividing it by the total points possible.

My exact formula is:



The dollar symbols around the second part of the formula ($CS1) are important because this will ensure that when I copy the formula down other cells the cell reference to C1 is locked in place. 

Next, we will copy the formula and paste it down in additional rows to calculate the percentage scored by each student.


If your column isn’t showing a percentage, you can highlight the column and select the “format as percent” option in the toolbar

Now my gradebook template is complete. Here is what my finished template looks like:


Closing Thoughts

This gradebook template is fairy simple to setup and use. It can be created in a matter of minutes once you get comfortable with the process.

One thing that you may want to do when setting up your formulas for the template is to extend the formula that sums up the points to include additional columns beyond the existing assignments.

This way as you add new assignments, the formula is already set up correctly.

If you need further assistance with setting up this gradebook, be sure to watch the video for a step by step guide on how this is done!

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