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How to Insert Date in Google Docs

Many Google Docs users are not aware of the options that you have for inserting the date into your file.

There are a few easy options that you have for easily inserting the current date or other dates.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to insert the date in Google Docs

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Inserting Date From the Menu

One of the easiest ways to insert a date into Google Docs is to do it through the insert menu.

For this method, all you have to do is navigate to the top of your Google Doc and select Insert>Date


After you have selected this, you will then see the date picker in your file. Simply select the date that you want to display in your document. 

If you want to insert the current date, then select “Today” or select the current day.


Once you have selected the date, you will now see the chosen date in your file:


Using @ to Insert Date

Another great method is to use the @ symbol to insert a date into your document.

By using @date in Google Docs, you can select from 4 different date options to place into your file:

  1. Date
  2. Today’s date
  3. Tomorrow’s date
  4. Yesterday’s date


You can also get the same date options above by using a shortcut with the @ symbol and calling each of the four options above specifically. Simply type the @ symbol and type the shortcut option that you want and then press Enter on your keyboard.

Here are your options for this:

  • @date – this will open the calendar so you can choose any date
  • @today – this will insert the current date
  • @tomorrow – this will insert tomorrow’s date
  • @yesterday – this will insert the date of the previous day

Adjusting the Format of the Date

After you’ve entered the date into your file, you can adjust the format by clicking on the date and selecting the gear/settings option.

You will see four different options here that change how the date is displayed.


Creating a Calendar Event

This date picker in Google Docs also connects directly to your Google Calendar, so if you want to create an event for the date you have entered into your file, you can do that here.

Select the Book meeting option to open the calendar.


From here you can adjust the setting of the event and add it to your calendar


Closing Thoughts

Inserting the date into Google Docs has never been as easy as it is now with these options for entering the date in your file.

You have several different ways that you can enter this into your document. 

The calendar can also connect directly to your Google calendar so you can create events which is a nice feature.

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