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How to Insert a Date Picker in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has a built-in interactive popup calendar that will allow a user to choose a date.

If you want this date picker calendar to show up in your spreadsheet, there are a few simple ways that we can get it to appear.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to insert a date picker in Google Sheets. This will allow the spreadsheet user to select the date from the popup calendar.

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How to Insert a Date Picker

I will show two different methods for getting a date picker calendar in your spreadsheet. The first method will be using Google Sheets default settings to get one to appear, in the second we will be creating one in a blank cell.

Create a Date Picker by Adding a Date

The easiest way to get a date picker calendar to appear in your spreadsheet is just to enter a date into a cell and double click that date. The date picker is set to appear whenever a user double clicks on a date, so you can just add any date to a cell and double click it:

Date Picker

Date Picker in a Blank Cell

If you want a date picker to appear in a cell that is blank we can do that too.

Here is how this is done:

1. First select the cell where you want to create the date picker

date picker blank-1

2. Then in the top menu select Data>Data validation

date picker blank-2

3. Set the criteria to Date

date picker blank-3

4. In the field that says “On invalid data” make sure it is set to Reject input

date picker blank-4

5. Select Save on the bottom right corner of the data validation box

date picker blank-5

6. Now when you double click on the blank cell from step 1, the date picker calender should popup

date picker blank-6

Closing Thoughts

The date picker calendar is a very useful feature in Google Sheets that will automatically show up when you double click on a date entered into your spreadsheet, however as I have just shown, you can also create one in a blank cell by using data validation.

This is a pretty simple way to allow your users to select a date from the calender in your spreadsheet.

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