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Convert Google Doc to Google Sheets

Sometimes you may have data inside a table in Google Docs but you want to convert it to Google Spreadsheets so you can work with the data better.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to insert a table in Google Docs into Google Sheets.

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Can You Convert a Google Doc to Google Sheets?

If the data is in a table format then, yes, you can convert a Google Doc to Google Sheets.

If the data is not already in a table, then the formatting will be very messy when moving over to a spreadsheet format.

How to Convert Google Doc to Google Sheets

Copy and Paste

The first method I’m going to show is a simple copy and paste method. This can work fine with small tables, but sometimes some columns and rows don’t paste properly. It’s very easy to do, so it’s always worth a shot.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Highlight the data in your Google Doc that you want in Google Sheets. Then copy by right-clicking and selecting Copy or pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard

Highlight Table

2. Right-click in your Google Sheet and select Paste or press Ctrl + V on your keyboard

Paste Table

This can work fine for smaller tables but sometimes the rows and columns won’t paste properly

Opening in Word and Transfering Table

A better method for converting into Google Sheets is to download your file and open it in word first. Then you can select the whole table and transfer it over.

Here’s how this is done.

1. In your Google Doc go up in the top left corner and select File>Download>Microsoft Word (.docx). Save this file on your computer

Download docx

2. Open up the file in word. In the top left corner of your table you will see a button you can press to select the entire table. Click on that and the right-click and select Copy or press Ctrl + C on your keyboard

Copy Table

3. Go into your Google Sheet and right-click and select Paste or press Ctrl + V on your yeyboard

Paste Table 2

By using the option to copy the entire table inside word, your rows and columns are more likely to stay intact when you paste it over into a spreadsheet with this method

Closing Thoughts

I have just shown two very simple methods for getting your data from a Google doc into a spreadsheet format.

This works best when your data is already in a table. If you’re just converting text and paragraph, the formatting is not going to look good when converted

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