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How to Add a Checkmark Symbol in Google Sheets

If you regularly work with Google Sheets to create checklists, you may want to add a checkmark to your spreadsheet.

There are a few different methods that you can use to insert this symbol into your sheet.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a checkmark symbol in Google Sheets

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Inserting a Checkbox

The easiest method to add a checkmark to your spreadsheet is to simply insert a checkbox.

The benefit of this method is that you can check and uncheck the box which your sheet more dynamic because you have some interactive elements to your spreadsheet.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Click on the cell where you want to add the checkmark

Checkbox checkmark-1

2. In the top menu select Insert

Checkbox checkmark-2

3. From the drop-down menu select Checkbox

Checkbox checkmark-3

4. You will now have a checkbox. Click on it and then box will be ticked and display a checkmark

Checkbox checkmark-4

Adding a checkbox is the quickest way to get a checkmark into your spreadsheet, however, there are a lot of other benefits of using checkboxes. To learn more about the different ways you can use checkboxes, read our full tutorial on how to use checkboxes in Google Sheets.

Copy and Paste Checkmark

Another pretty simple way to create a checkmark into your sheet is to copy and paste one from another application or site.

For example, you can create a checkmark in Google Docs and then copy it into sheets.

Here are a few different styles of checkmarks that you can copy:

✔ 🗸 ☑ 🗹

The steps for doing this are:

  1. Copy the checkmark symbol from above that you want in your spreadsheet
  2. Double click into the cell where you want the checkmark to appear
  3. Right-click and select paste or press CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste

You should now have a small checkmark in your cell

Copy checkmark

Insert Checkmark Using CHAR Function

You can also use the CHAR function to add a checkmark symbol to your sheet.

You can use the Unicode of the checkmark symbols to display a checkmark with the CHAR function.

Here are the formulas for a few different styles of checkmarks that you can use:

Symbol Formula
🗸 =CHAR(128504)
🗹 =CHAR(128505)

Here is what this will look like in a spreadsheet:

CHAR checkmark

Closing Thoughts

Adding a checkmark to your spreadsheet is pretty easy using one of the methods I have shown in this guide. There are certainly even more methods than this that you can use, however, we think these are the easiest and fastest methods.

We recommend that you try all the methods and then eventually as you continue to work with sheets you will likely find that you prefer one way of doing it over the other.

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