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How to Insert a Degree Symbol in Google Sheets

When working in Google Sheets, there may be times that you want to add a degree symbol to your spreadsheet.

Currently, there is not a direct way to add a degree symbol, but it can still be done pretty easily with a little know-how.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to insert a degree symbol in Google Sheets.

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Degree Symbol Keyboard Shortcut

Using the degree symbol keyboard shortcut is one of the simplest methods to add a degree symbol to your spreadsheet.

Here are the steps:

1. Press the Num Lock key on your keyboard (you may not need this step depending on your keyboard)

2. Double-click into the cell where you want to place the degree symbol

3. Press ALT + 0176 on your numeric keypad

You should now have a degree symbol. Now that you have it, you can copy and paste it to additional cells if desired.

Degree Symbol Keyboard Shortcut

CHAR Formula Degree Symbol

Another easy method of adding a degree symbol is to use the CHAR function to get this symbol into your spreadsheet.

The CHAR function works by adding the Unicode of the symbol you want into the function and it will return the symbol.

The code for a degree symbol is 176, so your formula to return a degree symbol would be:


CHAR degree symbol

Using the CHAR function is useful because you can combine it with other functions and things like & and concentrate to quickly add a degree symbol to a number.

Copy and Paste Degree Symbol

One of the simplest methods of getting a degree symbol into your spreadsheet is just to copy and paste it from another site or application that already has it.

For example, you can just copy and paste this one into your sheet:


Closing Thoughts

Although there’s not a direct way to get a degree symbol into your spreadsheet, hopefully now you can see that adding one to your sheet is still pretty simple.

We recommend that you try all three methods until you figure out which one you like best.

Odds are that you will find you prefer one method over the other, which is fine, but for the sake of learning, it would be good to give them all a chance at first.

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