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How to Change Period Size in Google Docs

Sometimes when working in Google Docs you may want to make all the periods bigger.

Luckily, selecting all the periods and increasing the size is an easy thing to do once you know how it’s done.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to change the size of periods in Google Docs.

Table of Contents

Manually Changing Period Size

First I will show you how to manually change the size of periods.

If you are just starting writing in your Google Doc, you can manually adjust your period size as you go. Otherwise, you can also change the size of periods after the fact.

Manually changing period size works fine when you only have a small number of periods in your file, but if you have a large document, you may want to use a more efficient method.

Here are the steps to manually change the period size:

1. Open your Google Doc and highlight the period that you want to change the size of


2. In the top toolbar navigate to the font size settings. From here you can press the + sign to make the font size larger, the minus sign to make the font size smaller, or you can type a number in the box to change your period to a specific font size


3. In this example, I have changed my font size to 20


4. You can see that my period is now bigger at the 20 font size



Changing the Font Size to Make All Periods Bigger

Another option is to select everything in your file and change the font size in one go.

The drawback of this method is that it will also change the size of your text, not just the periods. However, this still may be a good option if you want this done quickly.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Open your Google Doc and press CTRL + A on your keyboard to select all. You can also select Edit>Select All from the top menu


2. Once you have everything selected, navigate up to the font size area in the toolbar. From here you change the font size smaller or bigger depending on what you are trying to do. In this example, I have changed the font size to 14


3. You will now see that everything in your file, text, and periods included is the new size that you have set in the previous step.


Find and Replace in Word

Another good option if you have Microsoft Word on your computer is that you can replace all periods with a period of a different size. Then you can copy and paste that data in your file back from Word into Google Docs.

Here is how this is done:

1. First open your Google Doc and highlight all your data by pressing CTRL +A on your keyboard. You can also select Edit>Select All from the top menu. After you have everything highlighted press CTRL + C on your keyboard or select Edit>Copy through the top menu


2. Open up Microsoft Word and paste your data from Google Docs into Microsoft Word


3. In Microsoft Word open up the Find tool. You can press CTRL + F on your keyboard or select Find>Advanced Find through the top menu


4. In the Find and Replace tool, select the Replace tab. In the first box you want to put a period to find periods, and in the second box replace with another period


5. Then you will navigate down to the Replace section and select Format>Font


6. From here increase the the size to the new size that you want all the periods to be. Select OK when you are finished


7. Then select the Replace All button


8. You will now see that all your periods are changed to the new size. Highlight everything (CTRL + A) and copy everything (CTRL + C)


9. Delete everything in your original Google Doc and then right-click and select Paste or press CTRL + V on your keyboard to paste


10. All of the periods in your Google Doc will now have changed according to the size you specified in the earlier steps


Advanced Find and Replace Add On

The most efficient option is to use an add-on called “advanced find and replace”.

With this add-on, you can search for all periods in the find box and replace it with a period of a different format.

Simply select “change formatting options” and increase the font size of the new period. Then select the Find/Replace All button and every period will be changed.

Closing Thoughts

As with anything, there are multiple ways to increase or decrease period sizes in Google Docs.

You can manually change all the period sizes, you can select everything and change the font size, or the most efficient way would be to use Word or an add-on to quickly find all periods and replace them with a period of a larger font size.

There are also some other ways that you can adjust the size of your period that I did not cover in this post such as changing the periods to bold format or changing the font to a font that has larger periods.

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