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How to Insert a Degree Symbol in Google Docs

If you’re a little bit new to working in Google Docs and you need to add a degree symbol to your file, you may be wondering the steps to do this.

This degree sign is useful when you need to write a temperature in your document, whether you are working with Celsius or Fahrenheit.

In this tutorial, I will show you several different ways to add a degree symbol in Google Docs

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Degree Symbol Keyboard Shortcut

The fastest way to get a degree symbol into your file is to use the alt key codes for the degree symbol.

With this method, you will be pressing ALT on your keyboard and then using the numeric keypad to type the number for the symbol.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Open up your file and place your cursor wherever you want the degree symbol to appear


2. On your keyboard press the ALT + 0176 on the numeric keypad. Altnertiavely you can also press ALT + 248



You should now see the degree symbol in your file. If this method is not working for you, you may need to press the Num Lock key on your keyboard.

Inserting a Degree Symbol with Special Characters

Another great way to make a degree symbol in your document is to insert one using the insert special characters feature.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. Place your cursor in your Google Doc wherever you want the degree symbol to appear


2. In the top menu select Insert


3. From the drop-down menu select Special characters


4. In the Insert special characters dialog box will pop up on your screen. In the search bar type “degree”


5. You will now see several different degree symbol options. You can choose degree Celsius, degree Fahrenheit, or a normal degree symbol. Select whichever want you want to use and exit out of the dialog box by clicking on the X is the top right corner


6. You will now have the degree symbol that you chose in the previous step in your file


Closing Thoughts

The two methods that I have covered in this post: using the keyboard shortcut and using the special characters feature are the easiest ways to get this symbol into your file.

If you use this character regularly enough you may want to create a custom keyboard shortcut using substitutions.

However, if you commit the shortcut to memory, this will be the fastest way to get your document.

Hopefully, you found this tutorial helpful, and make sure to watch the video if you need help with any of the steps!

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