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How to Alternate Row Colors in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has a ton of useful features that many users don’t know about.

One such feature is the ability to easily alternate row colors by highlighting every other row with a color. This is a useful feature to learn because it can make data easier to read in your spreadsheet.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to alternate row colors in Google Sheets.

Alternate Row Colors

Alternating row colors in your spreadsheet is a simple process that is done through the Format option in the top menu.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. First highlight all of the cells. You can do this by either clicking in the square on the top left or pressing CTRL + A on your keyboard

Alternate row colors-1

2. Then in the top menu select Format

Alternate row colors-2

3. In the drop-down menu select Alternating colors

Alternate row colors-3

4. If you want to choose from one of the Default styles you can browse through the options and select a color scheme that you want

Alternate row colors-4

5. If you would prefer to select your own colors, navigate to the Custom styles section and you can choose which colors you want for the header and rows

Alternate row colors-5

6. After you have selected your colors you will now see that every other row is shaded according to the colors you chose

Alternate row colors-6

Closing Thoughts

Alternating row colors is a useful thing because when you have a large data set it makes it easier to read by giving you a better visual on the data in each line.

Once you learn how to do this, you can set up this coloring in a matter of seconds.

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