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How to Hide a Row Based on Cell Value in Google Sheets

Sometimes when working with a large dataset in a spreadsheet program like Google Sheets, you might want to hide certain rows based on the value of a cell.

This can allow you to pull out the data that you need so you can analyze your data much easier.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to hide rows in Google Sheets based on a cell value.

Hide Rows Based On Cell Value

The easiest way to hide rows based on the value of a cell is to use filtering to only show values that meet certain criteria.

To show you how this is done, I will be using this example data:

hide row example data

In this example, let’s say that I want to only view the rows where the revenue is greater than $700. I can use filtering to hide all the rows where the value of the revenue column is less than $700.

Here is how this is done:

1. Highlight the data range that contains the rows that you want to hide values based on cell values

hide row based on cell-1

2. In the top menu select Data>Create a filter

hide row based on cell-2

3. You will now see filter buttons have appears in your header row. Click on the filter button for the column that contains the values that you want to filter by. In this example, I am selecting the filter button in the “Revenue” column because I want to hide rows where revenue is a certain value

hide row based on cell-3

4. After selecting the filter button you will find options for the different ways that you can filter your cells. You can filter by color, by condition, or by values. In this example, I have selected “Filter by condition”

hide row based on cell-4

5. In the Filter by condition option you have many different conditions you can choose from. In my example, I want to hide rows that are less than $700 and only show rows greater than 700, so I have selected “Greater than” as my condition and put 700 into the text field

hide row based on cell-5

6. After setting up your conditions select OK

hide row based on cell-6

7. You will now see that all rows from your data that did not meet the criteria that you set up in step 5 are now hidden.

hide row based on cell-7

Closing Thoughts

Learning to be comfortable with filtering is a very useful skill for all spreadsheet users to know. By learning how to filter you can easily manipulate your data to hide rows where the values of your cells meet certain criteria.

In this tutorial, I have shown you a brief example of hiding the data where the cells were less than a certain number, but you have a ton of other options for ways that you can filter data.

You can filter based on text values, dates, colors, and even based on a custom formula.

Filtering is a fundamental skill of using spreadsheets, so I highly recommend you get comfortable with this.

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