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How to Use the Z.TEST Function in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has many useful functions for making statistical calculations. One such function is the Z.TEST function, which will return a one-tailed P-value of a Z-test.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the Z.TEST function in Google Sheets

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Z.TEST Syntax

The Z.TEST function will return the one-tailed P-value of a Z-test with standard distribution.

The syntax of this function is:

=Z.TEST(data, value, [standard_deviation])

  • data – the array or range containing the data
  • value – the test statistic to use in the Z-test
  • standard_deviation – this is an optional argument. This is the standard deviation to use for the Z-test. If left blank, it will be calculated for you

Using the Z.TEST Function

I will be showing you how to use the Z.TEST function by using it with this example data where I already have the data, value, and standard deviation in my spreadsheet:


If you don’t already have the standard deviation for your dataset you can use a standard deviation function to calculate it, but the Z.TEST function will also do the calculation for you if you leave the third argument blank.

Here are the steps to use Z.TEST:

1. In the cell where you want to calculate the function select the cell and type “=Z.TEST”. Then press TAB on your keyboard to enter the function. For the first argument, put in cell range that contains your data and then add a comma (,)


2. Next enter the cell that contains your value, and then add a comma (,)


3. Next add the cell that contains the standard deviation. Then add your closing parenthesis and press ENTER on your keyboard


4. You will now see your P-value is returned by the function


Closing Thoughts

The Z.TEST function is pretty simple to use after you have done it a few times

You can use this formula to help validate your own hypotheses using this statistics measurement after you get comfortable with it.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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