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How to Use the WORKDAY Function in Google Sheets

The WORKDAY function in Google Sheets can be used to calculate a date after a number of working days.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the WORKDAY function in Google Sheets

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The syntax of the WORKDAY function is:

=WORKDAY(start_date, num_days, [holidays])

  • start_date – this is the date that we begin counting at
  • num_days – this is the number of working days to move forward from the start_date. If the number is negative, the function will count backwards.
  • holidays – this argument is optional. You can place dates in an array or range here to be considered as holidays. These dates will be excluded from the count

Using the WORKDAY Function

Here is an example of this function is used in a spreadsheet:

WORKDAY function example

You can see in the examples that the formula just calculates an end date after a given number of working days (skipping weekends and holidays).

Pay attention to rows 3 and 4. The start_date and num_days arguments are the same for both lines, however, row 3 also has a holiday so the result is different. This illustrates how holidays can be used in the formula to ignore certain dates.

Closing Thoughts

The WORKDAY function is useful for calculation an end date after a certain amount of business days. The formula excluded weekends and specified holidays from the result so it can be very useful for many different work week and business calculations.

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