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Google Sheets Split View

If you are working on a large dataset in Google Sheets, it may be useful to have two of the same table open at the same time.

There is not currently a good way to do this in Google Sheets without getting a little creative.

In this tutorial, I will show you how a workaround method to view two sheets at once and creating a split view in Google Sheets.

How to Split View

If you want to split your view in Google Sheets so that you can view two spreadsheets side by side, you will need to open up a new window in your browser and open up the spreadsheet in the new browser.

If you have two monitors, you can simply bring one window with the spreadsheet to one monitor, and view the original one on the first monitor. Then you will have the spreadsheet open twice and you can work on different things on each monitor.

If you only have one monitor and you want to view the two spreadsheets at once, you will need to resize your browsers so that they fit together side by side.

Here is what this will look like:

Split View Example

Closing Thoughts

There is not really a true way to split pane in Google Sheets. But this workaround method should be sufficient for most people. This will only work well if you are on a desktop.

We hope you found this helpful!

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