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How to Add a Secondary Y-Axis in Google Sheets

Sometimes when working in charts in Google Sheets, you may want to add another Y-Axis so that your graphic has two Y-Axis’.

For some datasets making a chart with a secondary Y-Axis will make your data much easier to read.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a secondary Y-Axis to a chart in Google Sheets

How to Add a Secondary Y-Axis

To add another Y-axis to a graph in Google Sheets, first, we will create our chart by highlight our data and selecting Insert>Chart

I will be creating a chart with this example data where I have product sales for different kinds of products:

Secondary Y-axis data

Here is what the chart for this data will look like by default:

Secondary Y-axis chart

Currently, this chart is not the easiest to read. If I add a second Y-axis on the right-hand side, it will make my data much more clear.

Here is how this is done:

1. Select the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the chart and then select Edit chart

Secondary Y-axis-1

2. On the Chart editor on the right hand side, select the Customize tab

Secondary Y-axis-2

3. Navigate down to the Series tab and select it to expand the option. From here, select which series you want to add an additional axis for

Secondary Y-axis-3

4. Under the Axis option, select Right axis

Secondary Y-axis-4

5. You should now see an additional Axis is showing on the right side of your chart for whichever series you selected

Secondary Y-axis-5

Closing Thoughts

When you have more than one variable in your chart, adding another axis can make your data much easier to interpret.

Adding an additional axis on the right side of your graph is incredibly easy through the chart editor. If you are having troubles doing this make sure to watch the video!

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