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How to Create a Radar Chart in Google Sheets

There are a ton of different chart types that you can create in Google Sheets.

One such chart type that you may not know about is the radar chart.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a radar chart in Google Sheets.

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What is a Radar Chart?

A radar chart (also called a spider chart) is a graph that is used to display multivariate data.

It is a two-dimensional chart that plots each variable on its own axis joined together in the center.

Here is an example of a radar chart showing course scores out of 10 for a student:

radar chart example

These kinds of charts are often used in performance analysis. If you look at the chart above, you can see that it is easy to tell which variable is performing better than the rest because each variable has its own axis.

Creating a Radar Chart

Now that I have covered the basics of what a radar chart is, let’s take a look at how to actually create one in Google Sheets.

I will be creating my radar chart with this example data where I have the class scores of two students across various course subjects:

radar chart data

Here are the steps to create the chart:

1. Highlight the data that will be used to create the chart


2. In the top toolbar select Insert chart


3. In the Chart editor on the right side of your screen, make sure Chart type is set to Radar chart


4. You should now see the radar chart in your spreadsheet


Editing Your Radar Chart

If you want to edit your radar chart you can do so through the Chart editor.

There are two tabs within the chart editor where you can make adjustments to your chart:

  • Setup
  • Customize


Through these two tabs, you will find options to change things like layout, colors, font styles, and additional settings for making adjustments to your chart.

Closing Thoughts

Radar charts definitely have their place when doing performance analysis with multivariate data.

They allow you to make an easy comparison of your data. Radar charts won’t always make sense for your data, and sometimes other charts may work better, but it’s definitely something you should learn how to do as you continue to work with spreadsheets.

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