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How to Use the Quotient Function in Google Sheets

There are a few different functions in Google Sheets that can be used to divide numbers.

One useful way to do this is with the QUOTIENT function. This function will let you divide numbers, but there are some differences between this and your standard division.

In this tutorial, I will explain everything you need to know about the QUOTIENT function and how to use it in Google Sheets.

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What is the QUOTIENT Function?

If you are familiar with math you may understand already what the QUOTIENT function does.

This function will return one number divided by another number, but it does not return the remainder.

So the difference between QUOTIENT and standard division is that standard division will return a remainder, but QUOTIENT will not.

QUOTIENT Function Syntax

The syntax of the QUOTIENT function is:

=QUOTIENT(dividend, divisor)

  • dividend – The number that will be divided.
  • divisor – The number that you will divide by (this cannot be zero)

How to Use the QUOTIENT Functions

Here are the steps to use the QUOTIENT function in Google Sheets:

1. First select the cell where you want the formula to calculate and type =QUOTIENT and then press Tab on your keyboard


2. Select the cell that contains the number that you want to divide (dividend) and then add a comma (,)


3. Select the cell that contains the number that you want to divide by (divisor), and then add your closing parenthesis “)” and press Enter to calculate the function


4. If you have other data you want to calculate for you can copy and paste your formula down


You can see in the above example that the function divided column A by column B and returned the value without the remainder.

Closing Thoughts

QUOTIENT is a useful function if you want to divide without returning a remainder. The function only accepts the two arguments, so it is pretty easy to understand.

If you want to divide and keep the remainder you can either do your standard division or use the DIVIDE function. But that is beyond the scope of what this article covers.

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