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How to Use the ISODD Function in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has many useful functions to help you evaluate numbers.

One such function is the ISODD function.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the ISODD function in Google Sheets.

How to Use the ISODD Function

The ISODD function will evaluate whether a value is odd. It will return either TRUE or FALSE.

The syntax of the ISODD function is:


  • value – this is the value that you want to be verified to see if it is an odd number. You can either place a number directly in the formula or use a cell reference.

Here are the steps to use this function:

1. First select the cell where you want the formula to evaluate


2. Press the equals sign on your keyboard (=) and then type ISODD and press Tab


3. Select the first cell that you want to evaluate in your formula and add your closing parenthesis “)”


4. Press Enter on your keyboard


5. If you have other cells you want to evaluate, copy and paste your formula down.


You can see that if the number is even the formula evaluates to FALSE and if it is odd it evaluates to TRUE.

Closing Thoughts

This is a pretty simple formula to use. Most often this is used in combination with IF statements.

Now that you understand how to use it, think about other creative ways that you can combine it with other functions in your spreadsheets.

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