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How to Turn on Notifications in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, you can set up notifications that will email you whenever a spreadsheet is changed.

Setting up these kinds of alerts is useful when you want to stay up to date whenever your sheet is edited.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up email notifications in Google Sheets

Table of Contents

Turning On Notifications

Setting up an email trigger that will notify you when a shared spreadsheet is updated is very useful when you want to stay on top of changes made in a particular sheet.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. In the top menu select Tools>Notification rules


2.  You will see a popup where you can set the notification rules. You can set it to notify you when any changes are made. It will send emails either right away, or once a day with all the changes that are made depending on what you select here. Click Save when you are finished


3. You should now see an email similar to the one below whenever your spreadsheet is edited


Editing Notification Rules

You can also edit existing notification rules by again selecting Tools>Notification rules

From here you will find options to either:

  • Edit the existing rules
  • Delete the existing rules
  • Add another notification rule


Closing Thoughts

When you have a shared Google Sheet and you want to track the changes, setting up notifications is a great way to accomplish this.

You can be emailed instantly whenever a change is made to your file, which is useful when you have multiple users who may edit a sheet and you need to stay up to date with changes.

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