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How to Justify Text in Google Sheets

Sometimes when working in spreadsheet programs, the data in your cells may look uneven and sloppy if cells have different formatting rules applied to them.

Learning to justify the text or data in your cells will make your spreadsheet look much more organized and make it easier to read.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to justify text in Google Sheets.

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What is Justify Alignment?

Justify or Justify Alignment means that an entire text starts and ends on the same line on both the left and right sides. So each line starts at the same line on the left and ends at the same line on the right.

This is often achieved by increasing spacing between words and letters and making sure all lines start at the same point.

How to Justify

When we “Justify” text in Google Sheets, we won’t be adding spaces in between words or letters. Really all we will be doing is using the vertical alignment tool to align left, right, or center.

This is an important thing to learn though if you are a regular spreadsheet user. You will often encounter data that appears disorganized and being able to easily control the alignment of the data will make everything easier to read.

Let’s say that I have this data in my sheet and I want to justify everything so that it is justified either right, center, or left:

Justify example

Here is what you need to do:

1. Highlight the cells that you want to change the alignment for. You can either highlight the entire column or just certain cells


2. In the top toolbar select the Horizontal align tool. From here you have three options: Left, Center, or Right. Choose whichever one you want


3. You should now see that all of your text is aligned according to whatever you chose in the previous step


Closing Thoughts

When we are talking about justification in Google Sheets, really we mean changing the horizontal alignment so that everything is either left, center, or right.

We can also change the vertical alignment through the Format>Align option to set alignment to either Top, Middle, or Bottom. But that is beyond the scope of this post.

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