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How to Create Hyperlinks in Google Sheets

By adding hyperlinks to your Google Sheets, you will be able to easily access other web pages from your spreadsheet.

You can also hyperlink to other sheets so that it is easier to access other spreadsheets from your file.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create hyperlinks in Google Sheets.

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How to Make a Hyperlink in Google Sheets

To add basic hyperlinks to your spreadsheet, there are four methods I will show:

  • Creating a hyperlink with the insert menu
  • Right-click method to insert a hyperlink
  • Keyboard shortcut to  create a hyperlink
  • Creating a hyperlink with a formula

Insert Menu

One of the simplest methods is to insert a hyperlink through the insert menu. Here are the steps to do this:

1. Click on the cell where you want to add the link

Insert Menu-1

2. In the top menu select Insert, and then in the drop-down menu select Insert link

Insert Menu-2.1

3. In the dialog box under the “link section” enter the URL that you want to link to. Select Apply when you are finished

Insert Menu-3


You have now created a hyperlink inside the cell. When you bring your mouse over the cell it will show the link that you can click on to visit the webpage:

hyperlink hover

Right Click to Insert Link

You can also right-click to access the Insert link option. The steps for this method are the same as the previous method except instead of going through the top menu, you simply right click and select Insert link

Right-click hyperlink

Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Link

The fastest way to insert a hyperlink is using the keyboard shortcut. Select the cell that you want to create the link on and press CTRL + K on your keyboard.

This will immediately open the “insert link” option and you can put your URL in and select Apply

keyboard shortcut hyperlink

Hyperlink Function

Another method is to use the built-in HYPERLINK function in Google Sheets.

The syntax of this function is:

=HYPERLINK(url, [link_label])

  • url – the first parameter is the URL that you want to the link created for. The URL has to be in quotation marks, or you can also use cell references
  • link_label – this parameter is optional. This is the text that will display on your link. If you don’t use it, it will just use the URL as the display text. Otherwise, you can set a specific desired label

Here is an example of how to use this function in your spreadsheet

hyperlink function-1

You can see with this method I have placed the URL inside quotation marks as the first parameter. In the second parameter, I am just going to use a cell reference.

hyperlink function-2

After entering my function the hyperlink is created inside my designated link label (cell A2)

How to Link to Another Tab

You can link to more than just websites using the first three methods we have covered above.  You can also link to other sheets inside your file.

Here I will show you how to create a hyperlink to a different tab/sheet inside your same Google Sheets file.

1. The first step is to select the cell where you want the link to appear and then access the insert link option. You can either use the insert menu, right-click, or press CTRL+K on your keyboard and select Insert link

link to spreadsheet-1

2. Instead of putting a URL inside the dialog box, if you click on the box, you should see an option for Sheets in this spreadsheet. Select that

link to spreadsheet-2.1

3. From here you should see all of the sheets that you currently have in your Google Document. Select the one that you want to link to

link to spreadsheet-3

4. Select Apply

link to spreadsheet-4

5. You have now created a link to another sheet within your file. When you hover over it, you should see a popup appear where you can click on it to access the sheet

link to spreadsheet-5

Creating a Hyperlink to a Range of Cells

You can also create a hyperlink to a range of cells in Google Sheets. This is done the exact same way as the previous method except for you select the “Select a range of cells to link” option.

link to range of cells-1

After selecting that option you will have to input your range of cells like this:

link to range of cells-2

After entering your range select OK and then Apply and you will have created your link to a cell range

Closing Thoughts

Creating hyperlinks in your Google Spreadsheet is a very useful skill for keeping your files organized and being able to open other sites and sheets efficiently.

You can see as we have covered here, there are a few different methods to do it, but overall it’s not very difficult to learn.

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