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How to Get Google Sheets to Stop Rounding

Sometimes Google Sheets will round your numbers depending on the settings you have applied to your spreadsheet.

Sometimes this is a good thing, other times you may want to see the exact number without any rounding.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to stop Google Sheets from rounding your numbers.

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Why is Google Sheets Rounding?

By default, certain formats in Google Sheets will round numbers and only display a certain amount of decimal places.

To fix this, you can try changing the format of your cells with a custom number format.

However, if you want to display the entire number without setting a custom format, use the method below.

How to Stop Rounding Numbers in Google Sheets


The best way to stop Google Sheets from rounding your numbers is to use the Truncate function.

The Truncate function will show you all the decimal places in a value without any rounding.

The syntax of the Truncate function is:


  • Value is the number that you want to use the formula on (a lot of times you will be using the cell reference where the value is located)
  • Places indicate how many decimal places that you want to show without rounding. If you want to show 5 decimal places, your second parameter in the formula would be 5.

To use truncate here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select the cell that you want the calculated value to be and press the equals sign (=) on your keyboard to start the function
  2. Type “trunc” and press Tab on your keyboard
  3. Select the cell that has the value that you want to use in the formula, then press the comma (,) button on your keyboard
  4. Type the number for the number of decimal places you want to show (I showed 10 decimal places by placing a 10 here)
  5. Add a closing parenthesis “)” and press Enter on your keyboard
  6. If you want to perform the function on more rows, copy and paste your formula down


This function can also be used with other mathmetical calculations on function, for example like this =TRUNC(A1+A2,10)

Increase Decimal Place Tool

Another quick option that can be used to show the full number is by selecting the Increase decimal places option in the toolbar.

To do this:

  1. Select the cells that you want to show more decimal places for
  2. Click the Increase decimal place tool in the top menu.
  3. Continue clicking on this tool until you reach the number of decimal places you want

Increase Decimal Places<

Closing Thoughts

Even when Google Sheets is rounding numbers, the full value is still there, it is just not shown. You can view the full number by using Truncate, manually selecting to view more decimal places, or by changing the number formatting to allow for more decimal places.

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