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How to Use the FLOOR Function in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has many useful built-in functions for rounding down.

The most commonly used rounding function I have covered in my previous post on rounding numbers in Google Sheets.

But one function for rounding down that I have not covered yet is the FLOOR function.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the FLOOR function in Google Sheets.

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What is the FLOOR Function?

The FLOOR function rounds a number down to the nearest multiple of the integer specified.

The syntax of the FLOOR function is:

=FLOOR(value, [factor])

  • value – this is the number that will be rounded down
  • factor – this is the number that the value will be rounded down to the multiple of. This argument is optional and will be set to 1 by default. It cannot be equal to zero.

Here is an example of how the floor function would be used in a spreadsheet:

Floor example.1

In the example above, pay attention to how the resulting value rounds down according to the factor that is specified as the second argument of the formula. This will give you a better understanding of how the function is used.

Using the FLOOR Function

To use the FLOOR function, follow these steps:

1. Select the cell where you want the formula to calculate, and type the Equals signs (=), then type FLOOR and press Tab on your keyboard to enter the formula

floor function-1

2. Select the cell that contains the value that is to be rounded. Add a comma when you are done with this step (,)

floor function-2

3. Enter the number that the value will be rounded down to the multiple of. Add a closing parenthesis after this step “)”

floor function-3

4. Press Enter on your keyboard to calculate the formula. You can copy the formula down to additional cells if you have more values to calculate for

floor function-4

Closing Thoughts

As you become comfortable with all of the different ways to round down in Google Sheets you will begin to understand the pros and cons of each rounding function.

Take the time to practice using the FLOOR function in your own spreadsheet so that you understand how it works.

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