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How to Make a Table Chart in Google Sheets

Table charts are a useful way to display data that offers some benefits over just entering numbers into your spreadsheet to use as a table.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a table chart in Google Sheets.

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Creating a Table Chart

Making a table chart in Google Sheets is a simple process

Here are the steps:

1. Firstly, you need to have the data that will be used to create the table chart in your spreadsheet. If your data is not already in the sheet, enter all of the columns and rows that you want as part of your table


2. Next, highlight the data that will be used to make the table


3. In the top menu, select Insert>Chart


4. You should now see the Chart editor on the right side of your screen. In the Chart editor under the Chart type section, set the chart to Table chart. This option is currently in the “other” section at the bottom


5. You will now have a table chart in your spreadsheet which you can now customize


Editing the Table Chart

One of the main benefits of using a table chart in your spreadsheet is that your original table remains intact.

So you can customize and edit your table chart without changing your original data.

Here are a few of the customization options that you have with a table chart.

If you want to remove columns for your table chart you can do that under the Setup tab of the Chart editor by selecting the three-dot menu next to the column and removing it.


If you want to switch rows and columns or remove headers, you can find those settings near the bottom of the Setup tab in the Chart editor:


In the Customize tab of the Chart editor you will find settings for:

  • Removing or adding alternating row colors
  • Showing row numbers
  • Sorting your data
  • Adding pages to your table


Closing Thoughts

Most people just use their spreadsheet as a table and are not aware that this is actually a built-in chart-type option.

These kinds of charts are very easy to set up, and if you want to display sorted data without affecting your original table, then these are a good option to learn to use.

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