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How to Create a Pivot Chart in Google Sheets

Pivot charts are incredibly useful ways to display data in your spreadsheet. With a Pivot chart, you have a dynamic chart that you can filter to help you better understand your dataset.

At this time there is not currently a direct option to create a Pivot chart in Google Sheets, but it can still be done pretty easily.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a pivot chart in Google Sheets.

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What is a Pivot Chart?

A pivot chart is a chart that represents a pivot table. The power of a pivot chart is that it is dynamic.

Meaning as you filter or select which data to display in your pivot table, the corresponding chart will also change.

This allows you to create an interactive chart where users can filter and summarize data as they wish to pull out the information they need.

How to Create a Pivot Chart

Creating a Pivot chart is a really simple process. All you really need to do is create a chart on your pivot table.

Here are the entire steps to create a pivot chart. We will first be creating a pivot table and then creating a chart on the pivot table:

1. Highlight the data that that you want to create the Pivot table with

pivot chart-1

2. In the top menu select Data>Pivot table

pivot chart-2

3. Select to Create the pivot table on a new sheet and select Create

pivot chart-3

4. Now you can start fill out the appropriate rows, columns and or values that you want to display in your Pivot table.

pivot chart-4

5. Once you have selected the values to display in your Pivot table, highlight the pivot table.

pivot chart-5

6. In the top menu select Insert>Chart

pivot chart-6

7. You  have now created a pivot chart for your data

pivot chart-7

Now that you have your pivot chart created, you will find that as you filter your pivot table, your chart will also update. This is very useful for having a visualization for your data that changes as you select which data to display.

Closing Thoughts

It’s always useful to have a visual representation of your data such as a chart or graph. With a pivot chart, you have a dynamic visualization that changes as you make changes to the data in your pivot table.

You have all the same options for editing your chart as you would a normal chart, so through the chart editor, you can adjust what kind of chart to display and change other settings.

Hopefully, you found this tutorial helpful!

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