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How to Set Page Breaks in Google Sheets

Sometimes no matter how you format your data or adjust your print settings, your document will not look good without setting custom page breaks in Google Sheets.

If you are printing a Google Spreadsheet onto a document, you want to make sure that everything is formatted correctly and easy to read.

This is why learning to add page breaks is so important.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set custom page breaks in Google Sheets.

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What is a Page Break?

A page break is something that you insert into your document that will tell Google Sheets to print the rest of the page on another sheet.

By changing the page break settings, you can manually select which areas of your spreadsheet you want to print on different pages.

This is an extremely useful tool that allows you to ensure your printed page is easy to read and has the data that you want on each page.

How to Insert Page Breaks in Google Sheets

1. To insert custom page breaks into your Google Sheet, first you need to select print in the top menu (or you can press CTRL + P on your keyboard)

page breaks-1

2. From here, select the SET CUSTOM PAGE BREAKS option

page breaks-2

3. You will now see a blue line that indicates where your page breaks are. To adjust your page breaks, click and cold at the top of the blue line and drag to where you want your page to break. You can set your custom breaks on both columns and rows by moving around the respective blue lines.

page break-3

4. When you are finished, in the top right corner select CONFIRM BREAKS

page breaks-4

5. On the next screen you can adjust other printing settings. If everything looks how you want you can select NEXT

page breaks-5

6. From here you select your printer and select Print when you are ready to print the page

page breaks-6

How to Reset Page Breaks

Sometimes after you see your print preview you may realize you need to reset or adjust your page breaks. This is done similarly to the way page breaks are set.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. To reset your page breaks after you have select print click the EDIT button next to the custom page breaks option


2. From here you will see a reset button at the top of the page, click RESET and your breaks will revert back to default



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