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How to Create a Kanban Board in Google Sheets

Kanban board boards are useful ways to visualize and track work progress.

They are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to increase efficiency.

If you want to start using a kanban board, you don’t have to pay for one. You can create your very own kanban board in Google Sheets for free.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a kanban board in Google Sheets. 

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What is a Kanban Board?

A kanban board is a project management tool that helps you visualize and track work in progress.

They are made to make it easier to understand a work process and increase efficiency. 

Here is an example of a kanban board:


The kanban board above is a simple way to visualize workflow by dividing work tasks into different columns.

The three columns in the kanban board shown above are:

  • To do – pending tasks that have yet to be completed
  • In progress – tasks that the team has begun working on
  • Completed – tasks that are completed

This is a very simple way to visualize workflow.

How to Create a Kanban Board

Creating a simple kanban board template in Google Sheets is very easy.

Here are the steps:

1. First create your column headers by typing in the cells at the top of your spreadsheet. I have created a column for To Do, In Progress, and Completed tasks.  Create whatever headers are necessary for your own board


2. In my board, I have made my headers bold text format. This is optional. To do this highlight your headers and select the “B” button in the top toolbar (or press CTRL + B on 


3. Next we will add our header colors. Select the first header cell and click on the fill color tool in the top toolbar. Then select the color that you want that column to be


4. I have made my To Do column blue, In Progress column yellow, and Completed column green


5. Next I will add thicker gridlines to my board. Highlight the cells where you want to add these gridlines


6. Then in the toolbar select Borders>All borders


7. You will now have create a basic kanban board template and you can begin filling it out with your relevant projects


Closing Thoughts

Creating a basic kanban board in Google Sheets is a very easy and useful way to track workflow and progress on different tasks.

In this tutorial, I have created a very simple one to help get you started but you can take this example and customize it as you wish. 

There are many other ways to create the board. For example, instead of having each step of the board in a different column, you can go down your spreadsheet by having them as rows instead.

You may find when creating your board that you want to have a different layout with more information and steps relevant to your own needs. 

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