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Best Forums for Getting Help in Google Sheets

If you need help in Google Sheets there are a few forums where you can ask users for assistance when you have problems with your spreadsheet.

In this post, I will cover some of the best Google Sheets forums.

Table of Contents

Google Sheets Forums


StackExchange is one of the best forums to ask for help if you’re having trouble with Google Sheets. This site features a large number of knowledgeable users whom you can ask questions to if you’re having trouble with something.

Just make sure to browse the preexisting threads first to see if your question has already been asked previously. A word of caution though is that sometimes the answers can be a little complicated and many times a script solution is recommended.

Google Community Support

Google community support is the community help page within Google. From here you can find questions and answers for all types of Google Drive and Google Doc files.

From here you can describe the issue you are having and browse through similar threads or create your own to see if others can help you solve your issue


Excel forum is a large forum for all kinds of spreadsheet questions. The community is pretty active and you can get some good replies here if you are having troubles. The design of the site is a pretty classical forum style, so you should have an easy time navigating around the site.

Closing Thoughts

There are many forums around the web with active communities that can help you with your Google Sheets issues. Just make sure to see if your question has already been answered before creating an entirely new thread because this is common courtesy when engaging others on these sites.

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