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How to Double Underline in Google Sheets

The double underline was a feature that was previously not available in Google Sheets.

This was disappointing to many Microsoft Excel users who were used to using this feature. However, Google Sheets now has that feature, which means that if you are a fan of the double underline, it is easily doable now in sheets.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to double underline in Google Sheets

Table of Contents

Double Underline

To double underline in Google Sheets, what you need to do is change the border style to the double underline, and then you can add a border to a cell and the line will show double.

Here is how this is done:

1. First, in the top toolbar menu, select Borders

Double Underline-1

2. Next, select the border style option and at the very bottom, you should see a double underline style option. Select that

Double Underline-2

3. Then, highlight the cells or rows that you want to add a double underline to

Double Underline-3

4. Select Borders and select the Bottom Border option

Double Underline-4

5. You will now have created a double underline for the cells or rows that you highlighted in step 3

Double Underline-5

Removing the Underline

If you want to remove the underline simply highlight the cells or rows that contain the underline, and then in the Borders tool select the Clear borders option.

This will remove any underline you have created in the range that was highlighted.

Remove Underline

Closing Thoughts

Creating a double underline in Google Sheets is relatively easy since they now have an option for it in the border styles. Previously you had to create this style by using messy workarounds, but now it is a breeze.

This is just one border-style option. In Google Sheets, there are many other options such as dashed lines or bold lines.

After you have learned double underlines, try playing with a few of the other options as well.

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