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How to Convert Time to Military Time in Google Sheets

If you want to convert to military time in Google Sheets, you can do so pretty easily with some of their built-in features.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to convert time to military time in Google Sheets.

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What is Military Time?

Military time is a time where a day starts at 0 hours and ends at 24 hours.

Military time is a 24-hour clock that is different than the 12-hour clock that is commonly used. With military time there is no AM or PM.

Here is a basic chart showing times using a 12-hour clock converted into military time:

Military Time Conversion Chart

Converting Time to Military Time

Now that we have covered the basics of what military time is, let’s take a look at how to convert to military time in Google Sheets.

I will be doing this by changing the time format of standard time into military time.

Here is my example data:


Here are the steps to convert this to military time by changing the time format:

1. First, copy and paste your time into another column so you can convert the new column into military time. Alternatively, you can skip this step and just change the existing column into military time if you don’t wish to keep the original time in your spreadsheet


2. Highlight the cells that you want to convert to military time


3. In the top menu select Format>Number


4. Then at the bottom of the drop-down menu, select Custom date and time


5. Select the option for 1330


6. Click an “Hour” and select Hour with leading zero (01)


7. Select Apply


8. You should now see the cells that you highlighted have been converted to military time


Closing Thoughts

Converting into military time in Google Sheets is a relatively simple process that is done by changing the number format. If you are not comfortable with changing the number format, it can seem a little complicated at first, but as soon as you do it a few times, you will gain comfort with this process.

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