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How to Circle Text in Google Docs

There are times when working in Google Docs that you may want to circle something like a word or certain text.

Luckily, this is a relatively simple thing to do once you know how it’s done.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to circle text in Google Docs.

How to Circle Text

The easiest way to circle text in Googe Docs is to use the drawing feature to create a circle shape and then move it around the desired word or text that you want to circle.

Here are the steps to do this:

1. In the top menu select Insert>Drawing

Circle Text-1

2. Then from here, select New

Circle Text-2

3. You should now see the Drawing Editor appear on your screen. In the Drawing Editor select the Shape tool and select Shapes

Circle Text-3

4. From here you can select which shape you want to add. If you want to circle something, select the Oval shape (the one that looks like a circle)

Circle Text-4

5. Now we need to create the circle in our drawing. To do this click and hold your mouse as you drag to create the circle. Release the mouse when your circle is the appropriate size

Circle Text-5

6. After the circle has been created we want to make the inside transparent. To do this select Fill color and set it to Transparent. If desired you can also change the color of your circle by selecting the Border color and adjusting the color. I will leave mine the default black in this example

Circle Text-6

7. Once your circle is transparent and is the desired color select the Save and Close button

Circle Text-7

8. You should now see the circle in your Google Doc. Now we need to set the circle to display in front of the text in your document. To do this click on the circle and from the pop up select the In front of text option. If this doesn’t appear on your screen select Image options at the top after selecting your circle and you should see the Image options appear on the right side of your screen. From here select Text Wrapping>In front of text

Circle Text-8

9. Now you can select your circle and drag it over the text that you want to circle. Then you will need to resize it by clicking and holding one of the corner handles and resizing your circle until it fits the desired text

Circle Text-9

10. You have now circled your text. Here is what my example looks like:

Circle Text-10

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve never used the drawing feature in Google Docs, it can seem like a lot of steps to go through to create a circle in your document.

However once you have done it a couple of times, you will see that this whole process is relatively easy and can be done pretty quickly.

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