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Celsius to Fahrenheit Calculator in Google Sheets

If you need to convert temperature in Google Sheets, there is a built-in function that lets you do this.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the CONVERT function to convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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CONVERT Function

The CONVERT function in Google Sheets converts a number value in one unit of measurement to a different unit of measurement.

The syntax of this function is:

=CONVERT(value, start_unit, end_unit)

  • value – this is the numeric value that you want to convert
  • start_unit – the unit of measurement that your value is currently in
  • end_unit – The unit of measurement that you want to convert your start_unit to

For temperature you can use this function to convert between these values:

C, F, K, Rank, Reau

For the full list of accepted values check out this resource. 

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Now that we have covered the basics of the CONVERT formula, let’s take a look at how to use it in an example.

In this example, I will convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Celsius to Fahrenheit


Here is the formula that I will be using in my example data to do this:


Here is the complete data after converting it with the formula:

Celsius to Fahrenheit-1

Remember that the CONVERT function takes three parameters. In the example above:

  • The first parameter (value) is my cell with the first temperature that I want to convert (A2)
  • My second parameter is the current unit of measurement. My data is in Celsius so I use a C inside quotation marks.
  • The third parameter is the unit of measurement that I want to convert to. Since I want to convert to Fahrenheit, I use an F inside quotation marks.

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

We can also convert Fahrenheit to Celsius with the CONVERT function.

Here is the formula we will be using to do this:


Fahrenheit to Celsius

Closing Thoughts

Converting between temperatures, or any other unit of measurement is fairly easy in Google Sheets. We have only scratched the surface on the ways that you can use the CONVERT function.

If you take the time to master how to use this function, it will certainly come in handy as you continue to work with spreadsheets.

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